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George Lewith

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January 12, 1950 - March 17, 2017

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Messages for George

I knew George for over 20 years and will always remember his professionalism, enthusiasm and sense of humour. He will be greatly missed by us all. My heartfelt condolences go to his wife, children, friends and colleagues. RIP lovely man
Martina Prude

George was someone I got to know over the last few years as my own research activity began to interdigitate with a lot of what he and other academics at the University of Southampton were investigating. I will remember him as a mentor, a hugely intelligent and curious man, someone that could simultaneously eviscerate with insightful critique an idea or plan, while concurrently and rapidly picking one back up and leading with kindness and expertise toward a better formed version of your idea or a more fruitful trajectory.  He was a champion of the young career researcher and had many and diverse individuals under his expert care. I believe he pursued a more inclusive and some would say more compassionate view as to what medicine actually constitutes and how one might deliver the best care possible, unshackled from the constraint of some of the traditions and power structures inherent in the field. He was an original; innovative, courageous, smart, a pioneer. Most of all he was a kind and good friend. I will miss him very much.

Dave Newell

 A good friend. 

 A mentor to all.

 A kind heart.

 A man of passion and compassion.

 We will miss you and your guiding light.

 We are grateful for your life.

 A deep bow to you.










Wayne Jonas

 I am so saddened by this awful news. George was the first person in my career that I felt recognised something in me, and gave me the fantastic opportunity of becoming his academic clinical fellow. This new year I was affected by difficult personal circumstances and he was so wonderful and kind to me, calling me before and after his trip to SRi Lanka to see how I was, despite him being such a busy and acclaimed man. He was such an important and clever man and yet there was no arrogance or superiority at all in him. I am pleased that he had such a wonderful and interesting life but understand how awful his wife and 3 children must be feeling, he spoke so fondly of them. I will miss him dearly and he cannot be replaced.


Emily Donovan

 Very sad to hear of George's passing. I was privileged to work with George in support of his IT systems over many years. He was such a likeable man with a warm empathy combined with a quick brilliant mind making our working relationship so enjoyable.

Always friendly and enthusiastic, George was a real pleasure to work with and an inspiration to me personally.

My condolences to Nicola, Tom, Emily and Henry. 

Mike Dolan

It truly is sad that we lost him and his passionate and energetic advocacy of the subject field.

I am personally saddened that I haven't had chance to thank him enough for his support that he offered whenever I was in need. The memory of seeing him carrying 2-3 posters himself and chatting over his fun time with his grandchildren in Miami is still vivid.

Professor George Lewith will be in my heart for long long time. 

Jongbae Park

George was an exceptional colleague and mentor that always had time to share some wisdom, a few words of encouragement, or a story that would make you laugh!

I first met George in Munich many years ago as a somewhat scared junior investigator about to make one of her first international presentations in the field of integrative medicine. George sat down next to me, asked me who I was, and then launched into a delightful tale of his gap year adventures that involved criss-crossing Canada in a tiny VW beetle. He then cheered me on as I took the podium...

Over the next 15 years, and in cities around the world, I looked forward to seeing George and being the fortunate receipent of his wise advice, his insightful perspective on the field of integrative medicine, and his humorous tales. You could always trust George to listen attentively and then provide the "10,000 feet perspective" that drew on his extensive experience and leadership in complementary and integrative health care.

I head to Berlin in a few weeks devastated by this immense loss to our community and, more importantly, of a dear friend...George, you will be missed.



Lynda Balneaves

  On behalf of the Research Council for Complementary Medicine, UK  and its Trustees 

Tribute to Professor George Lewith

Professor George Lewith was a qualified physician and Professor of Health Research. George was the first doctor in England to receive specialist training in Complementary Medicine. He later set up and founded the Complementary and Integrated Medicine Research Unit at the University of Southampton leading a CAM research group of international excellence.

The untimely death of George has been a great shock to all that knew him. It would not be wrong to say that everyone in the field of Complementary medicine knew him, not only for his wise council and facilitative nature but also as a friend and colleague who always gave his timely freely.

George was involved in so many areas and was one of the founder members and Trustee of the Research Council for Complementary Medicine in 1983. He was passionate about the importance of building the scientific evidence base for complementary medicine and its dissemination. He believed that understanding research is necessary for preparing all healthcare practitioners – both in terms of being able to interpret but also that they should be critically aware of its significance and the implications for practice. He strived to engage practitioners in research and was particularly driven in engaging and supporting young people wishing to develop their research careers.


In 2003, in Southampton, he conceived and initiated the first annual conference on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Strategies, Training, Research and New Developments (CAMSTRAND) specifically to showcase postgraduate and practitioner research.  Since then this annual conference it has provided an arena for participants to present and discuss their research in a supportive but critical peer and academic environment. This year (June 6/7th) Southampton is to be the host again for CAMSTRAND -  Sadly George will not be with us but would want us to go forward and build on his heritage and we should make the event a special celebration of his life and career.

Prof Nicola Robinson Chair

Nicola Robinson

I am deeply saddened to hear of the loss of Dr. George Lewith. He was a great light developing and sharing research on complementary and integrative medicine globally. We've lost a wonderful leader in this field and celebrate his big happy personality and great achievements. My condolences to family and close friends. Rest in peace George.


Dugald Seely

I will never forget the talk George gave to our Fellows at Mount Sinai Beth Israel. Invited by Woody Merrell and Ben Kligler, George brought just 10 slides with him to engage discussion about his current work with our intimate group. The discussion wove through research issues, medical education, direction of health care and grandchildren. Every question was welcomed by George; he was gracious, generous yet rigorous. It was an exceptional few hours, magical really. Everyone in the room felt it, was altered by it. I walked him to his hotel after or did he walk me to Penn station to catch my train? Or did we just amble in the same direction? There was a connection with the work, the mission, the man. Thank you George, always.

Arya Nielsen, PhD