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Fredi Kronenberg, PhD

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April 20, 2017

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Messages for Fredi


 From the first encounter to the very last, I have always felt your great strength...

Slightly hoarse voice, lively eye, generous heart, unforgettable Fredi.

Francesco Cardini

Oooooh noooooo.

It was such a pleasure to know you, Fredi, and to be inspired by you.  

Fond fond memories of my trips to New York and our meals shared...and then, your move to the San Francisco Bay Area allowed me to introduce you around.

Integrative health care and women's health care is better today in part because of you.

Blessings to you...

Dana Ullman


What a loss to us all to have you gone. You were not only a pioneer in healing science and education, you embodied the courage to always move toward the right. I will remember your gentle presence, waiting and and smiling after having said a profound truth - about healthcare and about life - then patientently listening as others rambled around in confusion, only to finally to come back to what you pointed out in the beginning. 

We will miss your guiding light and gentle courage.



Wayne Jonas

I am enriched by the many interactions I was privileged to have with Fredi over the years- none of them recent enough for me to know she was ill.  I celebrate her mind, spirit, and professional legacy- and share in the deep sadness of those closest to her at her untimely loss to us all.

David Katz