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The Integrative Medicine Program at Allegheny Health Network/Temple University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has partnered with its Volunteer Services department to bring stress management therapies to Allegheny General Hospital.  They have developed a volunteer-run "Comfort Cart" for their employees that supplies mostly non-caffeine teas, aromatherapy, hand massages, positive affirmations, and small pieces of dark chocolate.  The cart is taken through employee areas and the volunteer offers these items/services to anyone who is interested.  There is also a volunteer pet therapy program with certified therapy dogs that has been very popular with patients, visitors and staff.  Currently in the works:  providing volunteer musicians to play and sing in the main lobby of the hospital building.  The IM Program recognizes that a hospital can be a stressful setting for everyone involved, and is hoping to help mitigate some of that stress with interventions like these.