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ACCAHC Survey with Dusek and Ring Finds Perception of Increased Value of Integrative Medicine under the A.C.A. and Triple Aim

February 11, 2015: Today a media release from ACCAHC and the Center for Optimal Integration: Creating Health let the world know that integrative health and medicine is increasingly viewed as integral to advancing the values of the "Triple Aim."

The survey, through the Center's Project for Integrative Health and the Triple Aim (PIHTA), found that leaders of health system-based integrative centers perceive they are increasingly valued as part of system efforts in areas such as "enhancing patient experience" (87%), "reduce hospital re-admissions" (72%) and "lowering costs"(75%). Many report increased interest in partnerships from system specialty groups. A subset say they are seeing increased financial investment from the system.

The release is entitled: "Triple Aim" and A.C.A. Incentives Creating New Hospital/Health System Engagement with Integrative Medicine on Cost Savings and Patient Experience, Survey Finds. The PIHTA team included Jeffrey Dusek, PhD, Melinda Ring, MD from ACIMH programs and PIHTA'S staff Jennifer Olejownik, PhD and John Weeks. We surveyed the same 28 centers as the Bravewell Collaborative canvassed for their Integrative Medicine in America (2012). Seventy-five percent (21/28) responded. While the findings typically registered a more lukewarm "somewhat" rather than "strongly" in agreement, the positive pattern of increased interest and involvement cuts across the question set. The raw data from the survey are available here. Thanks to Olejownik for her work on creating the charts and reporting those data. 

The survey, like PIHTA itself, was engaged on the premise that as organized medical payment and delivery reverse the so-called "perverse incentives" in the industry from a focus on churning procedures toward a valued based system focused on the Triple Aim that we will finally see economic alignment of complementary and integrative health and medicine with the mainstream system. The premise was solidly affirmed by these outcomes. We have posted the release on our Center for Optimal Integration Facebook site.  If you are on Facebook, please share with your friends.

Notably, this is a counter-trend to new consumer data released yesterday. These perceptions of increased system interest and use of integrative medicine come at the same time that the CDC/NCCIH (formerly NCCAM) reports stagnation in the growth of consumer interest in complementary therapies (though with moderate growth in chiropractic, acupuncture and double growth since 2002 in yoga and naturopathic medicine). Many thanks to Dusek, the research director at Penny George Institute for Health and Healing at Allina Health and Ring, the director of the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine at Northwestern. Each is a member of PIHTA's remarkable Advisory Team.  Finally, thanks to the vision of Visual Outcomes and The CHP Group for 2013 grant to get PIHTA rolling, to The Leo S. Guthman Fund for its generous investment in 2015 and the Life University for the investment that is providing core support through April 2016.

John Weeks, Director, Center for Optimal Integration: Creating Health
Executive Director, ACCAHC

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