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Our New Look!

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I am able to share with you today the Consortium’s new name and logo. As you may have read in a recent issue of the Consortium Newsletter, one of the five new priorities that the Consortium committed to at our strategic planning retreat this past fall is a new name and logo.

Much work has been done on this topic over the last 3-4 years.  Most recently a dedicated team consisting of Samantha Simmons, Susan Carter and Ben Kligler was charged with carrying out this strategic priority.  They recently proposed a new name and logo to the current Executive Committee that’s very much in line with the thinking of the Consortium over the last several years.  The Executive Committee approved, with much enthusiasm, the proposed new name and logo. Special thanks goes to Judy Balk and her previous committee for her work on the name and logo over the years.

We will continue to refer to ourselves as “The Consortium.” We are now working to revamp our website with the hopes to release a new, user friendly, website at the time of our Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh!

Margaret Chesney, PhD, Chair
The Consortium

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