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Catching up with LEAPS Graduates

This is the first in a new series where we will spotlight LEAPS graduates to see how the program has impacted their lives.

Adrienne Junek, University of Toronto, class of 2013 (LEAPS 2011)
Food is Medicine

I have had a longstanding interest in integrative medicine and heard about the LEAPS program from one of my mentors.  I was thrilled when I was accepted into the program.  Participation in the LEAPS retreat helped me meet other interested medical students and mentors, and helped me learn about how to become a leader in this exciting and growing field of medicine.  The project I ran with the support of LEAPS helped me to sponsor a talk at my university from a medical doctor who was well-versed in the use of various foods and herbals with medicinal properties.  He gave a fantastic talk to over 50 interested medical students who became that much more literate in integrative medicine and raised awareness of the specialty. Now, years later, I have chosen to apply to the Arizona Integrative Medicine Fellowship at the end of my medical residency in family medicine, partly as a result of some of the exposure and encouragement I received through the LEAPS program.  With the pursuit of my own education in integrative medicine as well as how to become a leader in this field, I hope to become someone who can contribute to integrative medicine education, raising awareness among medical students and residents, much like the doctor who came an presented to my fellow colleagues several years ago.  Thank you LEAPS, for empowering me to be a leader in integrative medicine.

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