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Spotlight on Consortium Working Groups

In each issue of the Consortium Newsletter, we will be focusing on one of the Working Groups which are the vehicles used to move the field forward. If you are not yet involved in a working group, we encourage you to do so.


The Consortium Clinical Working Group (CWG) serves as a resource for practitioners of integrative medicine and health.  This group includes those who have significant teaching and research roles.  This year we are transitioning our monthly clinical calls into a Consortium Grand Rounds that includes participants from the other working groups, including Policy, Education and Research.  We will be looking for an additional time to meet either by phone or email, as well as choosing a project(s) that best fit our members' needs.  We have talked quite a bit about working with the Educational Working Group to develop a way to electronically house information such as protocols for patient care, clinical models, handouts, etc.  We are open to other ideas that support the clinical practice of Integrative Health.

We would like to identify a representative to the CWG from each member institution.

What You Can Do:

  • Contact us if you'd like to be the Clinical Champion for your school or health system
  • Contact us if you don't want to be the Clinical Champion but would like to join the CWG and receive our emails
  • Send us links, articles, ideas and other resources that you think would be of interest to your CWG colleagues
  • Attend the monthly virtual Consortium Grand Rounds (3rd Thursday of each month)
  • Let us know if you'd like to present one of the Grand Rounds calls
  • Sleep enough, eat well, practice mindfulness and live a life consistent with your values so that the healthcare providers of the future can see self-care in action!

We look forward to working with you,

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Amy Locke, MD, Chair Lauray, MacElhern, CWG, Co-Chair

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