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Chair : Sonia Sosa , MD - Oregon Health & Science University

Vice-Chair :
Marni Hillinger , MD - Vanderbilt University

The main goal of the Clinical Working Group is to create a collaborative atmosphere among institutions that currently have integrative medicine clinics, and among those who plan to develop clinical practices in the future. The Academic Consortium for Integrative Medicine & Health has the capability to develop a model that can serve as a guide for developing a functional academic program in Integrative Medicine. In order to create such an atmosphere, information and strategies regarding clinic administrative structures, credentialing, privileging, operational issues, billing, and insurance will be addressed.

Another goal of the Clinical Working Group is to define key components that constitute an Integrative Medicine clinical program such as process issues, philosophy, and function. This will help improve the function of Integrative Medicine clinics as well as help develop new clinic sites.