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Margaret A. Chesney, PhD

The Year in Review -

A Whirlwind Year: In just the first weeks of 2015, the Consortium had a new logo, a new look to this newsletter, and a few months later, a new website. The Consortium's Executive Committee, along with Laura Degnon and Cathi Eifert and many others hit the ground running and never stopped! Attention moved quickly to plans for the Annual Members' Meeting in Pittsburgh, co-hosted magnificently by Judy Balk and Ron Glick. This, the largest Annual Members' Meeting in the Consortium's history, was highlighted by Bill George's True North Workshop. If you missed Pittsburgh, Bill is offering the training as one of the Pre-Conference Workshops at the International Congress in May 2016 in Las Vegas - more on that in a moment. If you are from a Consortium member school, remember to identify yourself as such when registering for the Congress. You will get a discount and be able to register for the Consortium's Member Meeting which will take place Sunday and Monday, May 15th & 16th. Early registration is now open and highlighted in the article below. As we look ahead even further to 2017, if your Center is interested in hosting the May 2017 Annual Members' Meeting, please see the invitation below.

Five New Members: The Consortium added 5 new members this year! The largest increase in recent years. Sian Cotton, the new Membership Committee Chair, took the baton passed to her from Rita Benn after her many years of dedicated leadership, and didn't miss a beat. In the last weeks, the University of Saskatchewan's Center for Integrative Medicine brought the number of Canadian Centers to five and Central Maine Healthcare became the first Consortium member from the State of Maine! Read about these amazing Centers in the stories below.

Individual Members: What it means to be a Consortium Member is undergoing some exciting changes. While the number of Institutional Members is now 65, the total number of "Individual Members" of the Consortium is in the 1000's. The Executive Committee recognizes this large constituency and voted at its last meeting to reach out and recognize all of the Individual Members who are part of our organization. This includes not only faculty, but all the members of the interprofessional teams of integrative practitioners, as well as the talented staff members at each of our Institutional Member Academic Health Centers and Health Systems. Each of our Working Groups has exciting plans to provide resources to our Individual Members - so please stay tuned! The Consortium is also developing new strategies to create meaningful collaborations with our important partner organizations, foundations, and friends who share our vision for integrative health and medicine!

Warmest wishes for peace and happiness - now and in the year to come,