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By Crombie Maltman, University of Saskatchewan, Class of 2015 (LEAPS 2013)
Integrative Medicine Student Camp

I am very excited about the project that I developed- an Integrative Medicine Student Camp. The purpose of the camp is to bring students of the academic health science colleges together to collaborate and learn about integrative medicine (IM) in an interprofessional environment. The goal in mind is to increase awareness of IM and how it can be implemented throughout all of the health science colleges.

Because of my experience at LEAPS, I created an integrative medicine interest group at my college. Through that group, which now has over 50 members, we have hosted multiple events, bringing in integrative medicine doctors to speak to students about their profession. We have hosted a variety of other events including yoga, speaker sessions from other allied health professionals in the fields of complementary and alternative medicine and more. The first integrative medicine student camp was held in March 2014, which had 20 participants. It was a two-day event held at a retreat facility outside the city of Saskatoon, SK, Canada. We had speaker sessions on acupressure, nutrition and mind-body medicine led by integrative medicine/functional medicine doctors. Yoga sessions, music therapy, art therapy, sacred sharing circles and nature walks were also provided. The weekend was a great success and thanks to the support of LEAPS and the Weil foundation I was able to bring this back to my medical school. Our student group continues to grow and the second annual integrative medicine student camp will be hosted January 17, 2015. I am so excited to have the student group I created grow and expand and look forward to the area of integrative medicine increasing in our medical training in the years to come. Without a doubt the LEAPS experience was the fuel for my project to come to fruition and for an integrative medicine student group to be formed in the process.