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Submissions due to the Consortium office by January 6, 2016

As we begin planning for our 2017 Annual Meeting, we’d love to hear from member institutions on the east coast or central region of the USA that are interested in being considered a “host”.  Interested institutions must agree to the below Host Institution(s) Responsibilities.

City Selection Criteria

  • Timeframe-first 3 weeks of May
  • Days of the week-pattern is Sunday pm – Tuesday am (Similar to Pittsburgh 2015)
  • Must be at a location in close proximity to a member institution(s)/health center(s) willing to be “host”*
  • Venue should be walkable to restaurants and nightlife
  • Airport ideally within 30 miles/easy for flying in and out
  • Rotate cities geographically annually, thus to take place on east coast or central region of the USA in 2017


  • December 15, 2015:  Send to Membership a call for interested institutions willing to be considered as a ‘host’ for the Consortium 2017 meeting. 
  • January 6, 2016:  Submissions due to the Consortium office. 
  • January 7, 2016:  The Consortium staff will share a report with the Executive Committee (EC) to include institutions that expressed interest as well as information gathered regarding match with the above city selection criteria; including other information as appropriate.
  • January 8, 2016:  EC will select top 2-3 cities on scheduled EC call.
  • January 11, 2016:  The Consortium staff begins RFP process to hotels in selected cities.
  • February 12, 2016:  The Consortium staff reports on EC call progress and recommendation for city selection based on RFP responses received.  Decision made on city during EC Call; Consortium staff proceeds to conduct site visit if necessary and finalize hotel contract; notify host institution(s).
  • March, 2016:  Meeting Location finalized for 2017 and promotion begins.

*Host Institution(s) Responsibilities:
Up to 2 individuals per host institution will participate as an active member of the Program Planning Committee (Program Planning Committee Consists of Vice Chair of Consortium, an At-Large EC member and local hosts).

  • Participate in conference calls (approximately monthly in year prior to meeting) as related to host committee and planning committee responsibilities. 
  • Work with Consortium staff on local logistics (dinners; other potential activities)
  • Identify and potentially invite local VIPs
  • Help plan content
  • Highlight fun aspects of the city  - attractions, etc
  • Provide maps and list of restaurants, activities, shops, etc
  • Assist with Selection of Bravewell Lecture
  • Help to seek financial sponsorship from host institution ($5,000) and potential local sponsors in support of our meeting