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The Consortium Chair, Margaret Chesney, Vice Chair, Rob Saper, and Executive Director, Laura Degnon met with Dr. Josie Briggs, NCCIH Director. Also attending the meeting was the NCCIH Deputy Director, Dr. David Shurtleff; the Director if the Extramural Research, Dr. Emmeline Edwards, and the Director of NCCIH's Office of Policy, Planning and Evaluation, Dr. Karin Lohman.

Strategic Plan and Priorities: Dr. Briggs mentioned that the Center will be developing a new strategic plan in the near future and mentioned that like other NIH Institutes and Centers, NCCIH is likely going to be interested in funding larger, pragmatic clinical trials and large cohort studies. She also mentioned that NCCIH continues to be particularly interested in funding research on pain as a significant part of their portfolio, as well as studies to better understand mechanisms of action, for example in mind-body therapies.

Funding Opportunity: Another area of particular interest at NCCIH that was discussed at the meeting is the importance of providing clinical research training to complementary health practitioners. In this regard, there is a new funding opportunity that was just announced at the end of October. What is different about this opportunity compared to previous ones is that it is for all activity codes, not just R01, and the complementary health practitioners supported do not have to have a doctorate degree. Here is a link to the announcement: