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There is still time to register for the Congress before rates go up April 1st. For more information on registration and hotel accommodations, please go to And, if you are a member of the Consortium, don't forget to also register to attend the Members Meeting on May 15th and 16th. It promises to be a superb meeting with an emphasis on networking and new information. Rob Saper and the Program Committee have arranged for a Storyteller who will teach you new ways to talk about what you do and why it matters. There will be dynamic Working Group sessions, other breaking news, as well as a reception and dinner where the 2016 Bravewell Award will be presented and the Bravewell Collaborative will launch their Legacy Book. Register for the Members Meeting when you register to attend the Congress or send an email to Cathi Eifert at if you want to attend the Members Meeting but are not planning on attending the Congress. Details are available here.