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Truly innovative pain clinics across the nation are working to build integrative practices that help patients manage chronic pain through seamless access to non-pharmacological therapies and self-care. Samueli Institute invites pioneering clinics to join its 2016 Chronic Pain Breakthrough Collaborative. Join now and become part of an elite group of healthcare leaders working to reverse the opioid epidemic.

Using methodology advanced by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Samueli Institute’s chronic pain breakthrough collaborative is a systematic approach to health care quality improvement.

The team is led by an expert faculty - including Adam Perlman, MD, of Duke Medicine and former U.S. Army Surgeon General Eric Schoomaker, MD, PhD - who will guide and mentor participating clinics through a 12-month improvement process.

Participating clinics learn best practices for integrative care, gain insights on increasing utilization of drugless pain therapies in their practices and a means of rapid-cycle testing and measurement to quickly scale and share success.

Previous participants in Samueli Institute's chronic pain breakthrough collaborative report:

  • Decrease in the number of patients relying on opioids for chronic pain.
  • Increase in the number of patients using non-pharma and self-care therapies for pain.
  • Increase in quality of life and patient function.
  • Increase in integration of providers and team satisfaction.
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