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2017 Annual Members' Meeting Registration
APRIL 23-25, 2017

Meeting Registration: Meeting registration deadline is April 17, 2017. The registration fee per individual is $200. Please note our cancellation policy applies to all registrants.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations of any registration must be made by April 3, 2017 to receive a refund, minus $50 processing fee. No refunds of registration fee after April 3, 2017.

Hotel Reservations: A block of rooms has been set aside at the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza Hotel with a rate of $155.00/night, plus tax. This rate is good until March 23rd, based on availability.

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The meeting will focus on networking and connectivity among our members. We will offer two 90-minute round-table discussions on various topics. Please choose two round table topics that you are interested in attending.
Philanthropy: How best to raise funds for integrative medicine activities from philanthropic donors – how to identify potential donors, learn more about their interests, engage them in a meaningful way, and get gifts to fund your programs.

Institutional Wellness and Resilience: What are our member institutions doing that help promote a healthy workplace? We will learn from each other and leave with key strategies for improving resilience for others and ourselves.

Cautionary Tales and Success Stories: Cautionary tales: Tale-telling of efforts gone wrong, mistakes made and other 'cautionary tales' with respect to growing or shrinking Integrative Medicine programs and Success Stories! Hearing about programs in clinical, research, education and policy at member institutions that are working!

Business Models and Sustainability: Specific aspects regarding payment models: pure insurance, pure cash, mixed insurance/cash, concierge, subscription fees, DPC models. Who's doing it? Who's making it work? What are the challenges and the successes and what can we learn from each other?

Integrative Curriculum in Institutions: a discussion of the process of getting integrative medicine into required courses at institutions (e.g., medical schools, residencies, nursing schools, etc.).

Cost Effectiveness, Costs of Care and Addressing Institutional Value Propositions: How do we increase our value at our institutions, with third party payers, and across the nation?
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